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Saudi Arabia in the News

AlFursan Loyalty Program Campaign is Completed by Saudi Arabia

Written by Juergen Steinmetz

The” The Million is Yours” AlFursan Loyalty Program campaign, which was announced on November 10, 2023, and ran until December 10 of that year, was concluded by Saudi Arabia, the country’s national flag carrier. It demonstrated the airline’s unwavering dedication to giving its passengers and AlFursan Loyalty Program members the best service possible within the parameters of its cultural duty initiatives. The campaign came to an end with the winners receiving significant prizes and hearing about them.
Through the Saudia software, the campaign aimed to increase member loyalty to the national carrier, raise standards for the tourist experience globally, and encourage and motivate them to participate in the AlFursan system. The names of every participant were included in the drawing for prizes for 10 million miles.
There were 80 rewards worth 100,000 miles for each success, as well as two grand prizes of one million kilometers each for the two finalists.
On November 23 and December 11, the victors ‘ names were drawn in two stages, allowing them to exchange their yards for reward cards to board Saudi Arabia. In order to ensure that all participants in the AlFursan Loyalty Program have a better vacation experience, Saudi Arabia reaffirms its commitment to consistently providing new surprises and priceless rewards.
US President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave King Abdul Aziz a single twin-engine DC- 3 ( Dakota ) HZ-AAX when Saudi Arabia first began in 1945. Following this, two more DC-3s were purchased decades later, and they served as the foundation for what would eventually grow to be one of the largest airlines in the world. Saudi Arabia currently owns 144 aircraft, including the most recent and cutting-edge wide-bodied jet, such as the Airbus A320-214, Airis 321-343, Boeing B777- 368ER, and Airibus B787.
Saudia Successfully Completes AlFursan Loyalty Program Campaign