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Saudi Arabia in the News

At ILTM Cannes, the Saudi Red Sea Authority won the award for southern hospitality.

Written by Juergen Steinmetz

SRSA had the chance to inform ILTM attendees of its initiatives, assignments, programs, and programs created to support opulent travel experiences and guarantee a trouble-free user experience for all parties involved during the international event.
In addition, the Authority announced to attendees its seven new restrictions, including the Visiting Private Yacht Regulation and Big Yacht Chartering Regulation, which have been in effect since November 2023 and are intended to improve southern hospitality while promoting conservation and protection. The Authority also emphasized advantages and opportunities for traders to draw funding to the Red Sea.
With a 1,800 miles coastline that includes over 1, 000 islands and more than 500 swim sites, SRSA highlighted the Red Sea’s abundant natural, economic, and social resources.
Observing that in November 2021, a Council of Ministers choice established SRSA. The Authority’s jobs include enabling and regulating southern tourism activities in the Red Sea, such as travelling and boating, creating mechanisms to protect the marine environment in relation to these activities, working with appropriate authorities, assisting investors, including SMEs, and marketing coastal tourist activities to draw practitioners.
The Saudi Red Sea Authority ( SRSA ), which was founded in 2021, supports and oversees marine and navigational tourism activities in the waters of the Kingdom. Its main goal is to support the growth of the Kingdom’s tourism industry by promoting a thriving regional travel industry along the Red Sea of Saudi Arabia, while preserving and safeguarding the seas ‘ unpolluted setting. SRSA is situated at a crossroads between the maritime, hospitality, transportation, and logistics industries. SRSA will help investors, including medium and small businesses, and generate employment opportunities in addition to regulating aquatic tourism activities. SRSA is crucial to turning the Red Sea into a top-notch tourist place that provides visitors with different and environmentally friendly experiences.
Visit redsea for more details. Gov. Sa.
Saudi Red Sea Authority is a southern hospitality champion at ILTM Cannes.