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HE Gloria Guevara Welcomes China Consumer Travel Launch

Saudi Aroma
Written by Juergen Steinmetz

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism of Saudi Arabia, Visit Saudi Arabia, Visit Saudi, and the Saudi Tourism Authority, Her Excellency Gloria Guevara welcomes the China Consumer Travel Launch.

The ‘China Consumer Launch’ in Shanghai is a testament to the ever-growing cooperation with Saudi Arabia towards 2030 and beyond, as numerous key trade and tech partners from both sides participated in the event.

Saudi Arabia took over the Shanghai Skyline.

The outcome has been extremely positive.

Today, Saudi is a destination officially endorsed by the Chinese government, which recognized the occasion as the best and biggest destination launch and travel campaign ever.

For a week, from 17th to 23rd November, the Saudi Exhibition opened its doors to tourism companies, so they can learn more about Saudi Arabia’s unique culture, current opportunities, and extraordinary Vision.

HE Guevara voiced her congratulations to CEO Fahd Hamidaddin of the Saudi Tourism Authority for another great achievement.