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Saudi Arabia in the News

Invests in the ICAO International Air Services Negotiation Conference in Saudi Arabia

Written by Juergen Steinmetz

The International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ) is hosting the 15th edition of the International Conference on Air Services Negotiation ( ICAN 2023 ), which Saudi Arabia’s national flag carrier is taking part in. More than 100 nations, international organizations, and more than 700 legal aviation authorities are expected to attend the event, which is being held in Riyadh from December 3 to December7.
Visitors to the Saudia hall can explore the newest goods and services in line with the firm’s new model and period, which reflects the rich culture of the Kingdom by appealing to every sense. Along with the ground-breaking modern activities intended to bring about an unheard-of change in the travelers ‘ travel experience. The new traveling companion, which uses cutting-edge AI technologies to enable visitors end-to-end solutions, from booking the trip to after-sales services, is the most notable service under Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation strategy.
Capt. The CEO of Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Koshy, emphasized the importance of the country’s participation in this important global event in Riyadh, emphasizing its deep interest in the aviation industry. This involvement also reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to ongoing development and advancement, which aims to provide excellent efforts and uphold the highest safety and security requirements.
During the show, Saudi Arabia is anticipated to reveal a critical agreement.
This news supports the organization’s tactical goals of promoting growth, improving journey, and establishing a global connection to the Kingdom.
Delegations from different nations will be present at the ICAN conference to discuss air service agreements in an effort to keep up with the fast development of the global aviation industry. Delivering improved service to the aviation community and facilitating partnerships between regulatory authorities, flights, and relevant service providers are the goals, which will speed up negotiations and benefit the sector.
Saudi Arabia Attends the ICAO International Air Services Negotiation Conference