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Saudi Red Sea Authority Protecting Marine Tourism

SRSA 1- image courtesy of SRSA
image courtesy of SRSA
Written by Linda Hohnholz

The Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA) inked two Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with the Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) and the National Maritime Academy (NMA) on the concluding day of its engagement in the Saudi Tourism Forum 2024.

The event, which took place in Riyadh from January 22 to 24, aimed to facilitate the exchange of information about SRSA‘s core responsibilities, offerings, and advancements in bolstering coastal tourism.

The signing of the MoUs is in line with the SRSA’s mandates, which include the issuance of policies, plans, and programs to regulate activities related to navigation and marine tourism. It also involves developing a mechanism to protect the marine environment in which these activities take place and improving human capabilities in the coastal tourism sector.

While the first MoU was signed by the Acting CEO of SRSA, Mr. Mohammed Al-Asiri, and CEO of SIRC, Eng. Ziyad Al-Shiha, whereas the second MoU was signed by the Head of the Partnerships at SRSA, HH. Prince Saud Al Saud, and the Managing Director of the National Maritime Academy, Capt. Turki Alshehri.

The MoU signed by SRSA and SIRC aims to establish a coastal tourism command center in Riyadh, which will focus on several crucial aspects including the environment, security, safety and tourism. As well as a project to install, supply, monitor and maintain mooring buoys along the Red Sea. Along with a project to regulate waste management and recycling in facilities and sites where navigational and marine tourism activities are practiced, including initiatives for waste treatment and disposal in the Red Sea.

Moreover, the MoU signed by SRSA and the National Maritime Academy aimed at providing training and consulting studies in the field of sustainable marine protection, marine tourism and recreational activities.

Noting that the MoUs signed by SRSA come as part of its objective to integrate with its partners in the public and private sectors locally and internationally, in addition to expanding its strategic partnerships, exchanging experiences, and implementing best practices to promote regenerative tourism, sustainable development, and showcasing the pristine wonders of the Red Sea as a global tourism destination, while preserving and protecting its environment.