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Saudia Offering More Fare Choices to Accommodate Diverse Guest Segments

saudia fares
image courtesy of Saudia
Written by Linda Hohnholz

Saudia launches branded fares with a variety of benefits across all classes.

Saudia, the national flag carrier of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is introducing innovative Branded Fares, a new pricing approach to air travel tailored to accommodate the diverse preferences and needs of valued guests. The airline has implemented SAVER, BASIC, SEMI-FLEX, and FLEX Fare options for Economy Class guests, and BASIC, SEMI-FLEX, and FLEX options for Business Class guests, each featuring unique benefits and perks. This introduction marks a significant stride in providing travelers with a broader spectrum of fare choices to meet their travel requirements.

Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Arved Von Zur Muhlen underscored Saudia’s commitment, stating: “The introduction of Branded Fares exemplifies the airline’s dedication to prioritizing guests and offering them with an expanded array of fare choices that align with their diverse travel needs.”

“Branded Fares clarify what services are included with each option, helping our guests make informed decisions. This is another step in our mission to provide more personalized and dynamic offerings tailored to the unique preferences of our guests.”

Guests can now take advantage of our FLEX fare option, which provides complete flexibility, an all-inclusive fare, and enhanced AlFursan mileage benefits at a significantly lower price than before . Additionally, budget-conscious guests have the option of the SAVER fare, which is more discounted compared to the regular BASIC fare for those who plan their travel in advance.

The enhancements to Saudia’s product range, integrating leading-edge technologies, underscore the airline’s ongoing commitment to improve services and products. The airline remains dedicated to further refine and personalize its service, increasing guest satisfaction.