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Saudi Arabia in the News

The Riyadh Air Story includes Greek Flights.

Written by Juergen Steinmetz

A historic Memorandum of Understanding between Turkish Airlines and Riyadh Air was signed. Riyadh Air, which was born in March 2023, will be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s next flag carrier with an administrative launch in 2025.
The flight with the biggest community worldwide is Turkish Airlines.
This unexpected deal paves the way for deeper future collaborations and ushers in a new period of improved travel experiences for passengers flying between Türkiye and Saudi Arabia.
This agreement, which Turkish Airlines Chief Investment and Technology Officer Levent Konukcu and CEO Tony Douglas signed at the esteemed ICAO Air Services Negotiation Event ( ICAN2023 ) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, represents a significant step toward broadening airlines ‘ global reach and providing more convenient travel options.
People of both airlines will benefit from the comfort of a comprehensive interline and codeshare agreement thanks to this agreement, which will enable seamless connections between Turkish Airlines ‘ and Riyadh Air’s networks.
The inclusion of both loyalty programs, which enables users to accrue points or funds on codeshare planes operated by either airport, is a crucial component of this cooperation.
Both airlines are looking into the possibility of a more comprehensive devotion agreement that will stretch their networks and give frequent flyers more value.
Turkey Airlines belongs to the Star Alliance.
This MOU opens the door for Turkish Airlines and Riyadh Air to investigate joint ventures in a variety of areas, including goods, electronic creation, and other aviation-related service.
This collaboration aims to increase productivity and creativity throughout the operations in addition to improving guest benefits.
Levent Konukcu, the main investment and technology officer of Turkish Airlines, stated
” Riyadh Air, a promising new person in the aerospace industry, and we are content to begin our marriage.”
This Memorandum of Understanding serves as a bridge between Türkiye and Saudi Arabia, strengthening our relationships even further. It is more than just an agreement.
Additionally, it presents a chance for us to broaden our audience and provide more options and comfort for our visitors. We anticipate that this collaboration will not only be advantageous for our customers but also have a significant positive impact on both places ‘ tourism and business sectors.
This arrangement, according to Tony Douglas, CEO of Riyadh Air, “is another very important step in the development of the company as we companion with the largest international airport in terms of locations served.”
Due to our near ties, we will be able to connect seamlessly to 130 locations around the world, particularly in Türkiye, Europe, and the Americas, via Istanbul Airport’s world-class hub. Through the market-leading, guest-centric, online focused, and like-minded global flight brand that is Turkish Airlines, it will promote our system footprint.
Riyadh Air places a high value on bilateral treaties with proven community airlines, and there are many advantages to this collaboration. Our passengers can benefit from better global communication and deeper exposure to Türkiye, while an increase in the volume of travel for business, religious, or tourism into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is anticipated.
We are pleased that Turkish Airlines, a top-notch aerospace company, wants to contribute to the Riyadh Air history. Turkish Airlines joins the Riyadh Air Story, according to SOURCE