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Saudi Arabia in the News

Tourism in Italy and Saudi Arabia is a Factual Hub of Activity

Written by Juergen Steinmetz

The education of travel agents, effective engagement from a business point of view with tour operators to develop and expand holiday products, and the start of marketing and communication campaigns to increase product awareness of the destination among the general public are Among the actions to be developed by the appointed Tourism Hub in the upcoming months.
Saudi Arabia, which welcomed tourists in 2019, quickly became a place with many tourist attractions that transcend its rich cultural heritage and coexist with tradition and modernity. Saudi Arabia is a place that can be reached by visiting the historic Anatolian town of Hegra in the middle of the AlUla desert, visiting Riyadh and Jeddah, and subsequently traveling along the Red Sea shores.
With a focused business-to-business plan for Saudi Arabia, Tourism Hub has made significant progress in the European market over the past two decades.
In order to achieve outstanding results on the front of enterprise creation, they have established relationships and collaborations within the European tourism business, working closely with tour operators and travel agencies.
According to Susann Kern, Country Manager for Italy of the Saudi Tourism Authority, it provides very individualized strategies and skills so that colleagues have access to all the resources and support required to successfully promote and sell the holiday destination represented.
Image of Susann Kern from tourismhub
Since this writer’s first visit in 2021, Saudi Arabia has remained exciting. Saudi kindness and the generosity of its people are a constant source of undiscovered riches thanks to the combination of cultures and vision for the future.
Producing proper marketing and communications campaigns, enhancing the location’s solution offerings, and forging yet stronger bonds with its partners are now priorities.
New sections for hospitality
Wellness hospitality is currently very limited and accounts for about 1 % of the total business, but it is growing at double digits, so we expect this industry to soon become very fascinating, according to minister Ahmed Al-Khateeb. This offer of “emerging services and fresh tourism parts such as that linked to well-being” stands out among the country’s tourism proposals in addition to historical heritage.
Additionally, there is room for conservation in upcoming development programs. Today, we must make sure that everything we create and promote in the travel and tourism industry is responsible. The Minister concluded that conservation affects the environment, world, and the economy.
By 2032, Saudi Arabia anticipates doubling the number of foreign visitors, primarily due to the growth of the middle school in China and India.
SOURCE: Tourism is a Precise Hub of Activity in Saudi Arabia and Italy.