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Exclusive NEOM Tourist Retreat in Saudi Arabia

image courtesy of neom
Written by Linda Hohnholz

NEOM’s Board of Directors has revealed Siranna, an exceptional tourist sanctuary and the most recent addition to the sustainable regional development plan in northwest Saudi Arabia.

Siranna is a luxurious destination situated along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline. It seamlessly combines sophisticated and inventive living to offer an unparalleled lifestyle. Within this exquisite haven, you will find a 65-room hotel and 35 exclusive residences.

With varying levels offering different perspectives, the facility provides uninterrupted vistas of the Red Sea. The unique hexagonal columns emerge from the rugged coastline, blending harmoniously with the nearby mountains and vegetation. Following an arrival by water at the secluded bay, guests navigate through the natural rock formations, ultimately arriving at the captivating entrance of the property.

This retreat fosters creativity and tranquility, allowing both visitors and locals to connect with fellow kindred spirits in a gracefully refined setting.

Visitors will have the chance to unwind at a dedicated beach club, spas, and modern wellness facilities. If they want to experience the countryside, they can explore the intertwining discovery trails on foot or horseback, where the sea, mountains, and wadi converge. Additionally, there are sophisticated dining and entertainment options available to cater to various guest preferences.

The project aims to minimize disruption to the natural environment and conserve the surrounding landscape through carefully planned methods. The architectural design will honor the area’s cultural heritage and seamlessly integrate with the neighboring mountains and valleys.

NEOM‘s dedication to fostering sustainable living and inspiring creativity is exemplified by Siranna, a remarkable space integrated within nature that offers an unparalleled luxurious dining experience.

Siranna, in accordance with NEOM‘s dedication to preservation, will harmonize with its seaside setting and be implemented with a focus on sustainability. This project announcement comes after the recent revelation of Leyja and Epicon, two other eco-friendly tourist destinations in the Gulf of Aqaba.