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Saudi Arabia in the News

New 12-hour journey from Saudi Arabia to Miami, Barbados, and Anitgua

Written by Juergen Steinmetz

A 12-hour test flight operated by SAUDIA ( Saudi Arabian Airlines ) took off in Antigua on November 15, 2023, flew to Barbados, made a brief stop in Miami to pick up additional Caribbean passengers, and then continued non-stop to Riyadh. Several heads of state, ministers of hospitality, as well as Caribbean dignitaries, were among the passengers. The second CARICOM meeting in Saudi Arabia, which changed the course of Caribbean-Saudi relations, was attended by travellers who left.
When it is launched, state-owned Riyadh Air could become the primary Middle East aircraft to launch commercial airlines between Saudi Arabia and the Caribbean, achieving its ambitious goal of becoming the largest airport in the region.
The second nonstop trip between the two regions was a success, according to Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, the prime minister of Dominica and chairman of CARICOM, who also raised the possibility of future direct commercial flights.
The Kingdom’s flag carrier, Saudi Arabian Airlines ( SAUDIA ), has its headquarters in Jeddah. The fresh Saudi Arabian regional airline, Riyadh Air, will be based there. The Saudi Arabian government owns both separate carriers, which are not regarded as rivals.
The Saudi Arabian Minister of Investment, HE Khalid A. Al-Falih, reiterated the possibility of strong flights to the Caribbean.
The Dominican Prime Minister added that this journey might serve as a doorway to both the Caribbean and South America.
According to Vijay Poonoosamy, the head of the World Tourism Network Aviation Interest Group based in Mauritius, this flight may also draw tourists from connecting factors outside of Riyadh, such as in various Gulf nations, India, Asia, or Africa. Former vice president of Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, Vijay.
In addition to tourism, Riyadh also talked about climate change, renewable electricity, banking, investments, knowledge, and health.
A Global Center for Climate Change has been being introduced by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Tourism, which is led by HE Minister Ahmed al Aqil al-Khateeb, with the help of HR Gloria Guevara.
Saudi Arabia developed a reputation for delivering and walking the move, according to HE Gloria Guevara, who ignored the task, he told eTurboNews in March 2023. ” We are laser-focused.”
The goal of the earliest round-table conversation was to improve bilateral ties and make new alliances possible between CARICOM and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
When the Saudi Minister of Investment emphasized that the Caribbean is a high-priority financial investment and business option for Saudi Arabia, it was like listening to music in the neck.
daily from the Heartbeat of the World to the Spirit of Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia’s current 100 million tourists may be increased to 150 million by 2030, according to nation officials. This might actually happen with tourists from the Caribbean and South America.
The Highest Spenders are Arabian Tourists.
Tourists from Saudi Arabia are among the world’s top purchases. Most good, nothing has changed since this was previously reported on eTurboNews in 2012.
No more travel visas for the US or Canada to travel to the Caribbean
For hospitality ministers attending the conference, it is an intriguing idea to draw Royal visitors to the Caribbean so they can reach without having to go through the difficult process of obtaining US or Canadian visas first to attach. These opportunities to boost spending and become less reliant on the North American inbound market. For a while, several officials in the Caribbean had entertained the notion of discovering fresh tourist destinations.
The available day should be used to increase Saudi visitors ‘ access to the Caribbean if Riyadh Air intends to start commercial flights in early 2025. Saudi Arabia may also be considering opening its borders to customers from Caribbean countries.
No progress VISA is necessary for Saudi nationals to enter the following Tropical nations.
Only the following nations already permit Saudi Arabian card holders to appear without or upon arrival with a immigration.
Caicos Islands and Turks
The Grenadines and Saint Vincent
Nevis and Saint Kitts
Barbuda and Antigua
Visas are necessary for Saudi members in the subsequent Caribbean nations.
Due to the lack of strong diplomatic relations, like visas are frequently difficult to obtain.
Caribbean Netherlands
Virgin Islands of Britain
Cayman Islands
a curaça
Republic of the Dominicans
West Indies of France
Lucia the Virgin
Martin, Saint
Virgin Islands of the United States
Saudi Arabia only accepts e-visas from residents of one Atlantic region.
Nevis and Saint Kitts
The Caribbean-Saudi marriage, as described by Jamaica Minister Edmund Bartlett on the first day of CARICOM meetings, will change if foreign ministers and transport ministries cooperate and unite in a location that is frequently less united. This will open up new opportunities in travel and tourism.
The Key: Caribbean multi-destination provides
According to the IATA Aviation Day in 2022, the numerous Caribbean governments must consider entering the market with multi-destination offers if they want the Caribbean to stay competitive with another major commerce markets around the world.
The Caribbean has come together
The only option left for the Caribbean is to band together to create Inter Caribbean Flights a reality in order to realize Saudi Arabia’s willingness to open up its borders, skies, and social engagement.
It is safe to assume that the CARICOM meeting’s results will be positive for all involved, and tourism officials and heads of state will learn a valuable lesson by uniting and cleaning up their own thinking.
Saudi Arabia’s CARICOM prize
When the earth gathers in Riyadh in conjunction with Vision 2030, the dessert girl there might be grinning more. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, HRH Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, attended the meeting and declared the Caribbean day to be a new one.
Getting so many Caribbean countries on Saudi Arabia’s list of close friends is crucial and, finally, fulfilling in this process because it needs the entire world to vote in favor of EXPO 2030.
Now, CARICOM Delegates did fly home onboard Saudi Arabia.
CARICOM members will be flown back to Barbados and Anitgua by SAUDIA on Friday evening, November 17, so they can return home on Saturday after two fruitful, action-packed time in the Kingdom.
SOURCE: Saudi Arabia’s brand-new 12-hour trip to Miami, Barbados, and Anitgua