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World Expo 2030 may be hosted by Riyadh: Landslide Vote!

Written by Juergen Steinmetz

Riyadh received 118 vote, Busan received 20, and Rome received 19.
Saudi Arabia has a landslide victory in this.
When her home becomes the number of World Expo 2030 and the hub of the world, the small chocolates child will be a content girl.
Rome, Busan, and Riyadh engaged in a high-profile battle to sponsor the 2030 World Expo.
All three towns present their cases in Paris now with the same enthusiasm and dedication, and each one has incredible opportunities.
Rome and Busan were prepared, but the earth was eager to discover Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and its exciting prospect.
2030 is a magical number for Saudi Arabia, and not just because of EXPO 2030.
Members attending the 173rd General Assembly were reassured by HRH Faisal al Farhan Al-Saud that everyone in the world, regardless of nationality, may benefit from the Expo in Riyadh. He added that it would only be available to all people. In his opening remarks, he added that 130 nations had previously pledged to support Saudi Arabia.
HH Prince Faisal Bin Farhan, Foreign Minister KSA
With a special card and one train stop that is less than 10 minutes from the airport, participation may be simple, according to Ghida Al Shibl, speaking on behalf of the expo.
The universe did construct the Expo in Riyadh with equitable access to anyone in the world who wants to take part in it.
The Expo is the first exhibition with such a commitment to sustainability and may perform even better than carbon independence.
Riyadh Expo may serve as a forum for all of mankind to collaborate, where every voice is heard and every desire is realized for everyone, including children and all human species.
The lady pledged to take action, expressed gratitude to the representatives for their friendship, and suggested a long-lasting solution that would be developed by 2030.
I wish you could see the commotion in Saudi Arabia, she said. Our youth are eager to welcome you.
The year that almost every significant growth in the Kingdom is completed is Vision 2030, which Saudi Crown Prince HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman brought to life. When Expo 2030 takes place in the Magical Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the world will be prepared to witness the wonder of the year 2030, which is a secret number for Saudis.
In 2030, Riyadh Air might rank among the biggest carriers in the Gulf region, and many of the Kingdom’s announced big projects will come to fruition.
Millions of tourists from all over the world will travel to Saudi Arabia in 2030, and some of the current human rights issues may remain forgotten.
Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest-moving regions, has a young population, and is also among the wealthiest.
The sum of all of this is a winning method, as evidenced by the fact that more than 150 Bi member nations chose to support Riyadh now in Paris at the 173rd General Assembly.
Saudi Arabia as a whole is celebrating immediately. The area where you can group until you pass out tomorrow is Riyadh.
This is a time to enjoy, especially for those employed by the Saudi Tourism Board, Saudi Ministry of Tourism, and Saudia Airlines.
SOURCE: Landslide Vote: Riyadh will number the 2030 World Expo!