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Riyadh International Philosophy Conference in Saudi Arabia Explores Cultural Crossroads

image courtesy of moc.gov.sa.
Written by Linda Hohnholz

Next month in Saudi Arabia, a pioneering discussion on ethics, communication, and transcultural values in the modern era will be held, bringing together global intellectuals.

Saudi Arabia, a major player across multiple industries and sectors, is making notable progress towards achieving its ambitious goals outlined in Saudi Vision 2030. In a significant move towards philosophical discourse, the country will be hosting the third edition of the Riyadh International Philosophy Conference from December 7-9. The conference, titled “Transcultural Values and Ethical Challenges in the Communicative Age,” is set to be a prominent event on the global philosophical calendar for 2023.

The event in Riyadh signifies more than a mere exchange of ideas, as it reflects the Kingdom’s dedication to fostering global dialogue and promoting cross-cultural understanding, considering the diverse cultural landscape present.

Saudi Arabia aligns with its vision of assuming a prominent position across diverse domains, spearheading global advancement, growth, and fostering harmonious relationships to shape a prosperous future for humanity.

This year’s discussions aim to explore the core of the collective human experience and examine how cultural interactions shape identities and influence the future. The Riyadh International Philosophy Conference stands as a symbol of inclusivity and invites a spectrum of thought to contribute to a diverse and engaging philosophical dialogue.

The conference attracts attendees from over 13 different countries and brings together distinguished philosophers, historians, scientists, and artists. It provides a platform for intellectual discussions on the intricacies of transculturality and the ethical challenges that emerge in an increasingly interconnected world where cultural boundaries are blurring.

For more conference information including the schedule, click here.