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Uniting Diverse Philosophies in the Digital Era

The Third Riyadh International Philosophy Conference: Uniting Diverse Philosophies in the Digital Era
Written by Juergen Steinmetz

In Saudi Arabia, the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority is hosting of the 2023 Riyadh International Philosophy Conference.

At the upcoming Third Riyadh International Philosophy Conference, the event will focus on “Trans-Cultural Values and Ethical Challenges in the Communicative Age,” featuring a diverse assembly of global philosophy experts.

The event was announced by eTurboNews to explore cultural cross-roads.

From December 7-9, the upcoming event will delve into 11 key subjects concerning trans-cultural values. It will examine their philosophical and ethical aspects, their effect on justice and ethics, and their connection to human literature, arts, and the future of humanity. This exploration will also touch on their intersection with artificial intelligence. By offering a comprehensive overview, attendees will gain profound insights into the historical and future perspectives of these ideas.

The conference will include conversations about ideas from scholars and students from all over the world, with a focus on working together globally. Dr. Mohammed Hasan Alwan, CEO of the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission, emphasizes that what sets this conference apart is the wide range of academic, scientific, and cultural perspectives among the attendees. Participants include experts in philosophy, researchers in intellectual and critical sciences, specialists in the natural sciences, writers, and linguists from both Saudi Arabia and around the world.

Speakers include Suleiman Al-Nasser; a researcher in philosophy of religion, ethics, and heritage, Professor Malak Al-Juhani; a contemporary feminist discourse expert, Joseph Cohen; a continental philosophy professor at Dublin University, Hamou El-Naqari; a professor of logic, Professor Simon Critchley, known for his work in continental philosophy and ethics; Professor François Jullien, the Emeritus professor at the University of Paris Denis Diderot; and Professor Najib El-Hassadi; whose work focuses on logic and philosophy of science.

Dr. Alwan emphasizes the Authority’s commitment to making philosophy accessible to diverse audiences and highlights the conference’s rich agenda, including educational workshops, youth-oriented programs, the “Intersections of Philosophy and Art” exhibition, and philosophical debates among university students.

The inclusion of the Saudi Philosophical Society into the International Union of Philosophical Societies during the conference marks a momentous achievement for Saudi Arabia within the global philosophical realm. This event seeks to facilitate the sharing of knowledge between Saudi Arabia and the international community, elevating the Kingdom’s position as a leader in both scientific and intellectual domains.

Dr. Alwan emphasized the Riyadh International Philosophy Conference’s role in bolstering academic and philosophical research, expecting it to be a landmark event in the Middle East and worldwide, furthering the Kingdom’s position as a hub of intellectual exchange and innovation.

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