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Saudi Arabia isn’t waiting for the future; it’s building one

Jeddah Ritz
Written by Juergen Steinmetz

Matteo Rinaldi, a best-selling author from Italy was not upset or deeply disappointed his home town Rome will not EXPO 2030. He was however excited for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to be awarded.

Being Italian, I had imagined Expo2030 happening in Rome—an exciting prospect for our country, without a doubt. However, I genuinely believe that Saudis deserve it more than us, and I’ll tell you why.

Get Ready to be Amazed

Many of you might be familiar with the “Economic Miracle” post-World War II—a time marked by shared optimism and a commitment to progress. During my recent business trip to Saudi Arabia, I could breathe a genuine spirit of collaboration, where people were eager to listen and learn from one another – and it felt really good!

What impressed me the most wasn’t just the recent economic growth or the significant investments in the entertainment and sports industries. It wasn’t even the ambitious target of attracting 150 million tourists by 2030.

What truly fascinated me was witnessing the societal progress of this country:

Empowering Women:

Saudi Arabia is rewriting its narrative on women’s roles. From driving to attending sports and entertainment events, women are claiming their independence. The shift in dress codes reflects not just tradition but personal expression, with vibrant abayas challenging the monotony of the past.

Healthier Living:

The Kingdom isn’t just building skyscrapers; it’s raising life expectancies and promoting healthier lifestyles. Female gyms opened in 2017, encouraging women to embrace fitness. The goal? Increase the average life expectancy from 74 to 80 years and boost weekly exercise rates from 13% to an impressive 40%.

Economic Powerhouse:

Saudi Arabia isn’t just aiming for economic growth; it’s cultivating a culture of determination. Female entrepreneurs are breaking barriers, with their numbers soaring by over 35% in the last decade. The Kingdom is becoming a hub for diverse job opportunities and a magnet for global talent.

Preserving Biodiversity:

Seven Royal Nature Reserves stand guard, protecting the Kingdom’s unique native species. Enter NEOM, a city where innovation meets sustainability. Blending Greek and Arabic words for “new future,” NEOM is not just a project; it’s a catalyst for change, a place where imagination knows no bounds.

Saudi Arabia isn’t waiting for the future; it’s building one. Get ready to be amazed!

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