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Saudi Arabia Red Sea: A Trend at Cannes Luxury Travel Market

Red Sea Project
Written by Juergen Steinmetz

Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA) presented at the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) in Cannes, France this week.

During the global event, SRSA informed ILTM participants about its initiatives, projects, strategies, and initiatives aimed at facilitating high-end tourism experiences and ensuring a smooth user journey for all stakeholders. Additionally, the Authority presented its newly implemented regulations, effective since November 2023, which aim to enhance coastal tourism while prioritizing sustainability and safety.

These regulations include the Visiting Private Yacht Regulation and the Large Yacht Chartering Regulation. Moreover, the Authority emphasized the investment opportunities and advantages available to attract investments to the Red Sea. SRSA showcased the abundant natural, environmental, and cultural resources of the Red Sea, boasting a coastline of 1,800 km with over 1,000 islands and more than 500 dive sites. It is worth mentioning that SRSA was established by a Council of Ministers decision in November 2021. The Authority’s responsibilities revolve around enabling and regulating coastal tourism activities in the Red Sea, including navigation activities such as…

The Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA) was established in 2021 to regulate and enable marine and navigational tourism in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea. Its main objective is to support the growth of the local tourism sector while preserving the pristine environment of the sea. Sitting at the intersection of various sectors such as marine, tourism, transport, and logistics, SRSA not only regulates marine tourism but also facilitates coastal tourism, supports investors including small and medium-sized enterprises, and generates employment opportunities. SRSA plays a crucial role in developing the Red Sea as a world-class tourism destination that offers sustainable and diverse experiences for visitors.

For more information, visit redsea.gov.sa

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